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The Divine Soulless

"This progressive masterpeice from Dundee's Man Made Origin really hits the spot."


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Man Made Origin sign with Contagion Records

It is with great pleasure to announce that Man Made Origin have signed with Contagion Records! After three years in production, The Divine Soulless will be released and distributed worldwide in early 2016! Prepare yourselves for the mouth-watering proggy treat to come!

"The Divine Soulless" gets a release date.

It's been a VERY long time coming but it's finally happening; The Divine Soulless will be released worldwide on the 12th of February 2016! Moreover, on the following night, we will be hosting a special launch show at Buskers in Dundee, where we will play the new record live in its entirety. We will be joined by proggers in arms Ramage Inc., Maelstrom and Dirty Judas! We can't wait to share what we worked so hard to achieve with all of you!

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Tracklist for "The Divine Soulless"

For all those dying for something new to stick on their bedroom wall, it is with pleasure to announce the artwork and track listing for the forthcoming Man Made Origin record, The Divine Soulless!

  • Deus Vult - 3:09
  • Antioch - 11:13
  • Outremer - 9:39
  • Adela - 5:44
  • The Divine Soulless - 3:51
  • Jerusalem - 12:18

Webisode: The Concept

Happy New Year dedicated prog acolytes! We’d like to start 2016 on a decidedly proggy note, namely the release of the first of series of webisodes surrounding the making of our forthcoming album The Divine Soulless. This instalment focuses on the record’s juicy concept…

Webisode: The Drums

More from our "Making of..." series. This time, Andy talks about recording drums and percussion!

Pre-Orders and a touch of bad news.

Honoured friends, two announcements:
Firstly, due to unforeseen circumstances, the release date for The Divine Soulless has been pushed back two weeks, to February 26th. Worry not, however, as exclusive advance copies will nonetheless be available at our launch gig, in Dundee, on Feb 13th, where you can also see us playing the album in its entirety live…

The second announcement is that you can now pre-order the Divine Soulless via! After it shoots through your letter box on February 26th, you’ll be able to gorge yourself on its proggy goodness.

Webisode: The Bass

More from our "Making of..." series!

This time, Scot talks us through the recording of the bass for our upcoming album "The Divine Soulless".

Just over two weeks until our album launch show!

The Divine Soulless

The Divine Soulless Album Cover

A seamless mixture of captivating progressive rock and intricate extreme metal. A concept album surrounding the events of the First Crusade. Posing the question: can humanity break it's self-destructive cycle?

The Divine Soulless

A seamless mixture of captivating progressive rock and intricate extreme metal. A concept album surrounding the events of the First Crusade. Posing the question: can humanity break it's self-destructive cycle?

  • Deus Vult (3.09)
  • Antioch (11:13)
  • Outremer (9:39
  • Adela (5:44)
  • The Divine Soulless (3:51)
  • Jerusalem (12:18)

False Consciousness

Ambitiously accompanied by an e-book of short stories based on the concept, False Consciousness is an in-depth

  • Faith of the Verse (8:47)
  • False Consciousness (6:08)
  • Legion of the Lost (6:53)
  • Uncharted Space (4:20)
  • Redemption (8:13)
  • The Betrayal (7:19)
  • Into the Darkness (20:03)

State of Nature

"During the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called war; and such a war as is of every man against every man"

~ Thomas Hobbes

  • Rostov 335Khz (00:35)
  • State of Nature (6:27)
  • Trapped (5:35)
  • Rain (5:11)
  • New Messiah (4:43)
  • Save Us (5:56)
  • Lament for Tomorrow (5:56)


Man Made Origin

  • Max Taylor - Vocals / Guitars
  • Dave Clement - Guitars / Vocals
  • Scot Borland - Bass
  • Jaime Cross - Keyboards
  • Andrew Gavine - Drums / Percussion

Contagion Records

Full Bio

Man Made Origin

Man Made Origin was born in 2008 with the vision of creating a ground-breaking sound which incorporated a diverse mix of styles on the continuum between progressive rock and extreme metal – effectively bridging the gap between the underground and the mainstream. The band’s 2011 release “False Consciousness”, ambitiously accompanied by a book of short stories based on the concept of the album, was received enthusiastically by international critics, with Sea of Tranquillity (US) stating:

‘It’s hard to imagine that Man Made Origin will be an unsigned band for much longer... This is varied and exciting progressive metal, dark and haunting with just the right amount of technicality, heaviness, and extreme nature.’’ (4.5/5)

On the back of extensive live performances of the material from the “False Consciousness” record, playing with established acts such as Man Must Die, Bleed from Within, Falloch, Ancient Ascendant and Talanas, Man Made Origin began work on their third recording “The Divine Soulless”. Throughout 2012 and 2013, the band honed their sound, writing music which truly sounded like nothing else; an unmistakable mix of mature progressive rock/metal, characterized by idyl-lic clean sections and soaring, hook laden vocals, which effortlessly crossed into black and death metal to satisfying effect.

With funding from Creative Scotland, Man Made Origin teamed up with Scott McLean from atmospheric band Falloch (Candlelight Records) to pro-duce the record. Working closely with Scott, the band spent months ensuring this ambitious recording met its full potential, carefully crafting every detail from individual guitar tones to the grand piano and cello incorporated into the arrangements. The final stage of the project took place with Magnus Lindberg of post-metal titans Cult of Luna(Indie Recordings) taking the helm of the mastering process. Having produced Cult of Luna’s highly atmospheric records, he represented the ideal over-seer for the final stages of the recording

With an undeniably powerful, highly dynamic production, built upon a carefully constructed recording, “The Divine Soulless” represents the full realisation of Man Made Origin’s ambitious sound and the start of an exciting new chapter.